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Here is my new Adagio Musician Template‚ This template took me 4 months to do I added tonnes of cool jQuery plug-ins including all the image sliders‚ image galleries‚ tour guide all the animations and so on. You have to check it out. As for mobile devices the IToys should be safe even playing the mp3s on the music pageWell Here it is.“Read More Page Fix” You can download it HERE Just over write your original 2 js files with the ones in the zip file. Some how i missed it‚ i am sorry guys but i made the update. Cheers “COULD YOU PLEASE RATE MY FILE IF POSSIBLE ‚ THANKS” —-—-—-—-—-—-—-—-—-—-—-—-—-—//The Pages are: —>Index Page-Cool thumbnail scroller with prettyPhoto lightbox-Fullscreen image slider with custom Buttons and preloader-Superfish Dropdown menu-Dropdown social icons tray. —>Slider Pages-4 animated Image sliders with caption and nav buttons.-A video gallery with scrollable thumbs that load youtube videos. -Band Bio Page-Latest News Page-Tour Guide Page-Twitter page with twitter reader. —>An incredibly cool mp3 player with a scroll list-Discography slider to display your albums and album art.-Blog and single blog page in a slider with mousewheel control. —>Image Galleries with navigation-Gallery 1 Page-Gallery 2 Page-Gallery 3 Page-Gallery 4 Page —>Contact page-A fully functional Contact Page with JS validation and PHP . —>Read More Page-Easily duplicated for more than one use. —-—-—-—-—-—-—-—-—-—-—--// I hope you like it ya’all… Cheers LesterCredits Go To:Band Images Used in the preview:Thanks to Adagio‚ especially Kevin Codfert for letting me use their images and songs in the preview Check out this awesome band from France Adagio Portal WebsiteAll Band Images taken by:Big Thanks to Perrine Perez Fuentes Perrine on FacebookVideos Used in the preview:Check out this dude’s awesome work here AEDADDY The Ajax Guru:Thanks Gabor for the Ajax content loader js help. designsatnight

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