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free wordpress theme creted by dynamicWP team
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Last update: Version 2.2 – June 13‚ 2014 Braxton is the premier magazine theme that combines both form and function into one comprehensive Wordpress theme. This sleek‚ modern theme is retina-ready‚ fully-responsive and comes with four different ad units‚ including a custom wallpaper ad. Braxton is also compatible with WooCommerce and BBPress‚ is translation-ready‚ fully-responsive‚ comes with over 600 Google Fonts‚ a Featured Slider on each category page‚ Infinite Scrolling‚ Lazy Load‚ a “sticky” menu bar and sidebar‚ post/page slideshows‚ super quick demo install and so much more!Testimonials Other Key FeaturesResponsive design – Braxton adjusts its layout based on the device it is being viewed on. This means the theme’s content will be easy to read and easy to navigate whether it is being viewed on a desktop computer‚ a tablet or a mobile device.Retina Ready – The theme and its images look sharp and crisp on retina-ready devices!Post & Page Slideshows – Braxton utilizes Theia Post Slider to give you dynamic slideshows in your posts and pages. Now‚ you can increase page views and ad impressions while providing excellent‚ organized content in a fluid slideshow. The slideshow comes with a set of options that includes the ability to reload the page with each slide to increase ad impressions.4 Different Ad Units – Braxton takes full advantage of available ad space to give you 4 different ad units‚ including a rare wallpaper ad! The ad units include a two 970×90 leaderboard ad areas (which can also be used as a 728×90 ad banner)‚ a wallpaper ad‚ and unlimited 300×250 and 125×125 ad units.Drag-and-Drop Homepage – Create unlimited homepage layouts by dragging and dropping our custom widgets into the layout that gives your website the professional look and feel you are truly looking for.8 Custom Widgets – Braxton gives you the flexibility and ease of use to display your content the way you want it without altering any code with our custom widgets.Complete List of Features

  • Compatible with Wordpress 3.8
  • SEO Optimized
  • HTML5 & CSS3
  • Translation ready (contains .po/.mo files)
  • Child Theme ready
  • Comes with XML dummy data (posts‚ tags‚ categories‚ menus‚ dummy images)
  • Easy implementation with Google Adsense ads
  • Wordpress Featured Image support
  • Wordpress Custom Background support
  • Wordpress Custom Menu support
  • Youtube‚ Vimeo‚ and Soundcloud integration
  • No need for any additional plugins
  • Custom Theme Options panel
  • Custom CSS section in Theme Options so users will not lose custom changes to CSS when you update to a new version
  • Built in Google Analytics support
  • Facebook comments support
  • Disqus comments support
  • Optional homepage blog layout
  • Free lifetime updates
  • Mobile/tablet versions use “swipe” navigation for Featured Slider
  • Easy logo customization
  • Threaded comments
  • Ability to turn Featured Image on posts on/off
  • Ability to turn social buttons on posts on/off
  • Optional Author Info at the bottom of posts
  • Optional Photo Credit overlay on Featured Images in posts
  • Custom copyright/footer text
  • Custom favicon
  • In-depth documentation
  • And much more!

More TestimonialsI usually don’t leave reviews on themes I buy from here but I had to on this one. This is by far the best theme that I have ever purchased anywhere. It is more than a theme as it helps you to completely build a professional looking site without the usual hassle that other themes have. Also‚ the responsive layout is amazing. I have been testing it on hundreds of devices and have yet to find one that this does not work with. Again‚ thank you for this amazing theme and if anyone is on the fence about buying it‚ this is the best investment you will ever make.- fbrcoldThe BEST theme I have purchased. It’s so easy to use and the guys have really thought about what is important for a blog style layout. Very friendly service and I just wish I brought my other themes from this company!- veena13GREAT Theme and AMAZING support from the MVP guys!! Had issues with version 1.02 and was guided through the newest version and now the theme is the best I’ve used on here! Great job guys‚ keep the good themes coming!!- artestreI just wanted to say I’ve been using this theme for a few weeks and although my site isn’t live‚ it has been working great. But more importantly‚ the support has been amazing. 5 stars!- JonBrommetHonestly‚ Braxton theme is the best fashion Wordpress magazine/blog theme! It’s especially perfect for users who don’t understand coding because it’s easy to navigate through. Not to mention‚ the theme is very high quality‚ and it equally compares to other fashion magazine’s sites.- gfalvorGreat theme‚ very easy to set up and use. Support has been quick and helpful. Highly recommend!- MoSportsMagI really LOVE this amazing theme. You seem to know exact what people want because this literally has it all!Great theme‚ outstanding support. 5 stars!!!- CharliBaltimoreSupportMVP Themes takes pride in its support! If you have any questions related to the setup of Braxton that are not covered by the theme documentation or if you run into any bugs with the theme‚ please submit a ticket at the MVP Themes Support Center. Unfortunately‚ MVP Themes cannot perform customization work for each of our customers‚ so Braxton comes “as-is”. Any customization you would like to make to the theme outside of fixing bugs will need to be done by you or a third party.Updatesv2.2 – June 13‚ 2014

  • Fixed minor bug with unclickable buttons on My Account page of WooCommerce
  • Updates Theia Post Slider to latest version (1.5.4)

Affected files:style.cssv2.1 – March 6‚ 2014

  • Fixed minor bug with Menufication stylesheet
  • Fixed minor bug with new Facebook Share button
  • Fixed styling bugs caused by WooCommerce update
  • Updates Theia Post Slider to latest version (1.4.0)

Affected files:/css/media-queries.css/css/menufication.cssfunctions.phppage.phpsidebar.phpsidebar-home.phpsingle.phpstyle.cssv2.0 – February 9‚ 2014

  • Adds WooCommerce Compatibility!
  • Adds BBPress Compatibility!
  • Updates Theia Post Slider to latest version
  • Improved design of vertical tablet layout

Affected files:/css/media-queries.cssfunctions.phpsidebar-woo.php (new file)style.csswoocommerce.php (new file)v1.08 – January 9‚ 2014

  • Adds ability to translate backend
  • Fixes bug related to Theia Post Slider that affected some installations. The plugin is now included separately. Existing users will now have to install it as a plugin
  • Fixes minor bug with text in Theme Options
  • Fixes minor bug with Featured Posts 2 layout

Affected files:/admin/theia-post-slider/ (folder removed)/admin/theme-settings.phpfunctions.phppage-home.phpv1.07 – December 12‚ 2013

  • Added 2 new options for the Featured Posts section on the homepage
  • Updated Theia Post Slider plugin to the latest version (1.3.4)
  • Fixed bug with Facebook Comments plugin compatibility

Affected files:/admin/theme-settings.php/css/media-queries.css/images/feat-tri.png (new file)/images/feat-tri@2x.png (new file)functions.phppage-home.phpstyle.cssv1.06 – November 14‚ 2013

  • Added Menufication plugin

Affected files:/css/menufication.cssfunctions.phpheader.phpsearchform.phpstyle.cssv1.05 – November 9‚ 2013

  • Fixed bug with Twitter and Google Plus social sharing buttons
  • Fixed bug with sticky sidebar on homepage in Safari
  • Fixed bug with some images displaying properly in IE8
  • Fixed bug with Featured Posts section on smaller devices
  • Fixed bug with logo in navigation

Affected files:/admin/theia-post-slider/ (all files)/css/media-queries.cssheader.phpstyle.cssv1.04 – October 25‚ 2013

  • Fixed bug with images in Featured Posts section
  • Fixed bug with custom menu background color option
  • Fixed bug with Theia Post Slider
  • Fixed bug with social buttons
  • Made a few small changes to stylesheet

Affected files:/admin/theia-post-slider/ (all files)/css/media-queries.csscomments.phpfunctions.phpheader.phpstyle.cssv1.03 – October 24‚ 2013

  • Fixed issue with large images in Homepage Blog layout extending into sidebar
  • Fixed issue on category pages without slider
  • Fixed issue with trying to remove default social usernames and ads from Theme Options
  • Updated language strings
  • Added Video/Audio posts feature
  • Added option to disable responsiveness
  • Added option to disable featured image from displaying in posts individually
  • Made a few small changes to the stylesheet

Affected files:All filesv1.02 – October 21‚ 2013

  • Fixed issue with social buttons on posts
  • Fixed issue looping stories on homepage and latest news pages
  • Added option to disable the sticky sidebar feature
  • Added option to disable infinite scroll feature
  • Added compatibility with Nebula Facebook Comments plugin
  • Made a few small changes to the stylesheet

Affected files:/admin/theme-settings.php/js/scripts.js/languages (entire folder)functions.phppage.phppage-home.phppage-latest.phpsingle.phpstyle.cssv1.01 – October 18‚ 2013

  • Fixed issue when viewing category pages and homepage without slider
  • Fixed issue with comments section
  • Updated the language files (.po/.mo)
  • Made a few small changes to the stylesheet

Affected files:/languages (entire folder)category.phpcomments.phppage-home.phpstyle.css

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