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Are you overwhelmed by complicated admin templates that have much more elements than you need? Try a simpler‚ better theme!

  • awesome sticky menu
  • 10 color themes:
    • blue (default)
    • brown
    • golden
    • green
    • orange
    • pink
    • red
    • silver light
    • silver dark
    • teal
  • 5 backgrounds:
    • clean
    • squares
    • stripes
    • stripes reversed
    • crosshatch (default)
  • 4 HTML files:
    • login form
    • register form
    • main page with all admin HTML elements
    • single/static/simple page with menu and plain text content
  • all the fancy UI elements you need:
    • menus with submenus (sticky if you want them)
    • super-simple WYSIWYG editor
    • fancy date picker
    • colorful graphs
    • all form elements styled
    • buttons in various sizes
    • messages
    • fancy tables
    • lightbox
    • fancy tooltips
    • vertical and horizontal tabs
  • 960gs fixed layout
  • 12 or 16 columns
  • super-simple markup
  • +500 free prototyping icons
  • +150 free font based icons
  • collapsible modules/boxes
  • jQuery powered
  • cross-browser compatible
  • valid HTML5 / CSS3

Online demoChangelogv1.0 - May 1th 2012* initial release

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