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Posted in Coding, HTML & CSS, Tutorials • 1 year ago • Written by Christian Vasile • 26 Comments. Today I will teach you how to create a simple contact form in
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Clean Template is a modern multipurposes template. It can be used by a creative agency‚ a coorporate compagny or as personal portfolio for a freelancer .The template come with two different layout and skin : 1-First layout : a one page layout that display all the information in the same page exept for the blog post details page is separated.This layout come with a three option :

  • One page template with a fixed header image.
  • One page template with a slider images
  • One page template with a dark skin to give a various option for this site that can be customized easly.

2-Second layout : a multiple page that display every section of the site in it’s own page. The template is responsive‚ so basically you can view it in the mobile/tablets devices and it looks very good in thoose devices.All the html ‚css‚ javascript code are well organized and commented to make any change easy to do without any problems. If you like my template‚ please don’t forget to rate it.Responsive Layout

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