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Responsive WordPress Blog Theme. Meet Paper, a beautiful and unique WordPress theme for bloggers, writers and artists.
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Imagine showcasing your portfolio in one massive grid based gallery. Impress your visitors with a unique shopping experience simulating old fashioned window shopping. Get creative with your content and create a website that is unique to your identity. Post your favorite videos and songs and Gridster will take care of the looks by fetching the media thumbnails.The possibilities are endless and we encourage you to explore and push Gridster to the limits! Changelogv.1.4.1(June 20‚ 2014):+ Fixed a bug where infinite scroll would incorrectly load items on WooCommerce archive pages.v.1.4 (May 29‚ 2014):+ New: Added widget area in main sidebar+ Updated FontAwesome to version 4.1+ Minor styling fixesv.1.3 (May 15‚ 2014):+ Fixed search results page opening panels+ Enhancement. Better child theme compatibilityv.1.2 (Apr 18‚ 2014):+ Bugfix. Added the missing blue (default) stylesheet+ Enhancement. Better WordPress nested comment styling+ Enhancement. Optimized theme customizer color picker and fixed a Firefox bugv.1.1 (Apr 10‚ 2014):+ NEW FEATURE. added 'Status' format with Twitter and Facebook embed support+ Enhancement. Added extra documentation about 'Status' format+ Enhancement. Optimized post-format styling and added new icons for post format 'Status'+ Enhancement. Better SCSS styling on post format icons+ Enhancement. Optimized post media saving (post meta)Do you need help?No worries – We’re glad to help you with your new web project. To get the best support possible please visit our support system.

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