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{http://testingunderground.wordpress.com} (by Administrator)
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/li listrongXML/strong Demo data included (Dummy Demo Data)/liliChild Theme Support (included)/li liHD Video Tutorials/li liUseful Documentation with Images and Videos/li listrongFREE SUPPORT/strong/li/ul pa href=http://tohidgolkar.ticksy.comimg src=http://tohidgolkar.com/envato/free-support.png alt= /> Users Testimonials: 5 star rating and recommend it strongly. Great Support form Author‚ Thank you tohidgolkar I’m relay happy dealing with you . c3odi I just bought 2nd licences of this amazing theme for my client‚ Thank you for your 5 stars theme and 5 stars support Gaustodd I just wanted to say thanks for a great theme and to tell anyone considering this theme‚ just go for it‚ the customer service has been outstanding to date‚ I am still trying to get things set up as I am new in this area‚ but the developer has been very patient and understandingly helpful with all my questions. Cheryl (chezbelle) nice and clean coded with useful documentation‚ 5 STAR for youmarkusduranAll of you should search no more.. you have found the BEST THEME on the Internets . It comes with the Best Support as well.I strongly advise anyone looking for a theme to buy this one.keiagis Your theme and your support is really brilliant‚ I like this theme and happy with your awesome support. Thanks Chino Chung My project is done and my client is so satisfy and happy with his new website‚ thank you for your 5 star support. Soliamejer That is very nice RTL theme fm202 Nice theme‚ I’m thinking of switching my website. This Looks like a powerful one. Alimaleki Wow‚ amazing design! mor1s This looks like a GREAT Theme!! i will buy this with the facelift of my company in some weeks! good luke with sale! secBIT I’ve done my website and I really happy with your outstanding support and great theme. thanks thanks thanks Quinnn Just a quick thanks to tohid – this is hands down one of my favourite themes to work on. I keep coming back to this theme and it always impresses me the amount of information included plus the spectacular design. When it’s time for an upgrade I point my clients to buy this theme. Great work sir. Cheers - ncdesign Great Theme‚ Wonderful features and the most important part‚ Freaking awesome wpml support! sheepz just wanted to compliment the support team. for every open ticket‚ i get an answer in less than 2-3 hrs‚ usually even before‚ and the team is very helpfull with custom help.keep it up!!! great theme‚ even greater support!!!!!! avitovshoval The support for this theme is quite simply the best there is!!!!! Highly recommended!!! tc333333 Just to let you know that I am impressed by the provided support services‚ both the WP & HTML themes. Highly recommended! eurobras – Jan Change LogVersion 1.6.2 (29th May 2014)Updated: options.phpUpdated: functions/custom-posttype.phpUpdated: functions/slider-3dslice.phpUpdated: functions/slider-flexslider.phpUpdated: functions/slider-kwick.phpUpdated: functions/slider-liteaccordion.phpUpdated: functions/slider-nivoslider.phpUpdated: functions/slider-roundabout.php Version 1.6.1 (7th May 2014)Updated: functions/enqueue.phpUpdated: functions/shortcodes.phpUpdated: functions/tinymce/tinymce.jsUpdated: stylesheets/rtl.css Version 1.6 (23rd April 2014)Updated: functions.phpAdded: functions/plugin-activation.phpAdded: functions/plugins/revslider.zipUpdated: functions/custom-menu.phpUpdated: functions/sidebar-generator.phpUpdated: functions/enqueue.phpCSS Update: style.cssCSS Update: stylesheets/rtl.cssCSS Update: admin/css/optionsframework.css Version 1.5.1 (4th Jan 2014)Updated: options.phpUpdated: admin/options-framework.php Version 1.5 (30th Dec 2013)Feature Added: WPML SupportUpdated: /admin/ (All files and folders)Updated: options.phpCSS Update: stylesheets/layout.cssPlugins Updated:Slider Revolution v4.1.4 Version 1.4.1 (16th Dec 2013)Bug Fixed: functions/custom-menu.phpBug Fixed: functions/sidebar-generator.phpCSS Update: admin/css/optionsframework.cssCSS Update: admin/css/rtl.cssPlugins Updated:Slider Revolution v4.1.1Contact Form 7 v3.6 Version 1.4 (27th Nov 2013)Feature Added: functions/widgets/widget-contact.phpUpdated: functions/slider-3dslice.phpUpdated: functions/slider-flexslider.phpUpdated: functions/slider-kwicks.phpUpdated: functions/slider-liteaccordion.phpUpdated: functions/slider-nivoslider.phpUpdated: functions/slider-roundabout.phpBug Fixed: functions/twitter.phpBug Fixed: functions/widgets/widget-twitter.phpBug Fixed: functions/portfolio-full.phpBug Fixed: functions/portfolio-sidebar.phpCSS Update: stylesheets/kwicks.css Interio v1.3.7 – 3rd Oct 2013Updated: functions.phpUpdated: options.phpUpdated: header.phpUpdated: functions/breadcrumbs.phpUpdated: functions/enqueue.phpBug Fixed: page-left-sidebar.phpBug Fixed: page-right-sidebar.phpAdded dark style Css and images Interio v1.3.6 – 24th Sep 2013Updated: functions.phpUpdated: options.phpUpdated: functions/twitter.phpUpdated: functions/widgets/widget-twitter.phpInterio v1.3.5.1 – 16th Sep 2013Updated: functions/enqueue.phpInterio v1.3.5 – 15th Sep 2013Updated: options.phpUpdated: functions.phpUpdated: header.phpUpdated: functions/enqueue.phpUpdated: functions/custom-styles.phpUpdated: stylesheets/layout.cssUpdated: stylesheets/rtl.cssAdded: js/jquery.1.8.3.jsUpdated: lang/default.poUpdated: lang/default.moUpdated Plugin: Slider Revolution v3.0.93 Interio v1.3 – 12th Jul 2013Added: Roundabout Slider - functions/slider-roundabout.php - js/jquery.roundabout.min.jsAdded: Lite Accordion Slider - functions/slider-liteaccordion.php - js/liteaccordion.jquery.min.js - stylesheets/liteaccordion.cssAdded: Kwicks Slider - functions/slider-kwick.php - js/jquery.kwicks.min.js - stylesheets/kwicks.cssAdded: 3D Slice Slider - functions/slider-3dslice.php - js/modernizr.custom.js - js/jquery.slicebox.js - stylesheets/slicebox.cssUpdated: options.phpUpdated: functions.phpUpdated: functions/custom-posttype.phpUpdated: functions/custom-styles.phpUpdated: functions/metabox.phpUpdated: functions/title.phpUpdated: functions/carousel-clients.phpUpdated: functions/carousel-portfolio.phpUpdated: functions/carousel-posts.phpUpdated: stylesheets/layout.cssUpdated: stylesheets/nivoslider.cssUpdated: lang/default.poUpdated: lang/default.moUpdated: XML Sample Demo DataUpdated Plugin: Slider Revolution v3.0.5 Interio v1.2.5 – 25th Jun 2013Update Twitter feeds to Twitter API v1.1 - /twitter/ - functions/enqueue.php - functions/twitter.php - functions/widgets/widget-twitter.php - js/jquery.tweet.min.jsUpdated: Slider Revolution v3.0Updated: options.phpUpdated: header.phpUpdated: stylesheets/layout.cssUpdated: lang/default.poUpdated: lang/default.moUpdated: XML Sample Demo DataInterio v1.2 – 3rd Jun 2013Add Recent Post Shortcode: - functions/carousel-posts.php - functions/shortcodes.php - functions/tinymce/tinymce.js - functions/tinymce/recentposts.pngAdd Option for Posts Carousel and Order Options for Portfolio and Clients Carousels: - options.php - admin/options-framework.php - admin/images/icon.png - admin/css/optionsframework.cssTranslation Bug fixed: blog.phpUpdated: functions.phpUpdated: functions/enqueue.phpUpdated: lang/default.poUpdated: lang/default.moInterio v1.1.5 – 1st Jun 2013CSS Modified: stylsheets/layout.cssLightbox Bug fixed: single.phpLightbox and Child Theme URL Bugs fixed: functions.phpLightbox Bug fixed: functions/portfolio-sidebar.phpLightbox Bug fixed: functions/portfolio-full.phpInterio v1.1 – 20th May 2013CSS Modified: stylsheets/layout.cssRTL CSS Modified: stylsheets/rtl.cssSticky Menu Bug fixed: js/custom.js Added WPML Language Selector Code: header.phpBug fixed: functions.phpBug fixed: functions/shortcodes.phpBug fixed: functions/title.phpAdded WPML Language Selector Option: option.phpUpdated: functions/enqueue.phpUpdated: admin/options-framework.phpInitial Release Interio v1.0 - 10th May 2013All images used in the preview are just for demonstration purposes and not included in the Theme.

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