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New features :

  • Light Version
  • German language available now
  • New social media icons

Matrix is a responsive‚ intuitive tile-based theme which is inspired by Metro design. The tiles can be made ‘live’ to display more information on the screen without occupying more space. This WordPress theme comes with 10 pre-defined colours and an advanced but easy-to-use admin panel. It is highly customizable to suit the needs of every user. Unlike conventional designs‚ each tile can be customized to create any design you can imagine! All the files are coded with valid HTML5 tags and CSS3‚ and are Search Engine Optimized (SEO) using valid HTML5 semantic tags for each section and are written in decreasing order of importance down the page. For instance‚ the title and content of an article comes before the comments and sidebar within a HTML file‚ and titles are enclosed in h1 tags to signify their importance. Currently‚ I am accepting any requests for features and new icons for tiles‚ so do not hesitate to contact me if you require any help.TestimonialsWOW . I’m not easily impressed on Themeforest but this is very well done. Superb job! And it’s responsive! soichi‚ Matrix HTML TemplateThis is very beautiful work‚ so well designed and cool and trendy. Robbie2010‚ Matrix HTML TemplateThis looks so magnificent. nexorrr‚ Matrix HTML TemplateYou’re amazing. That worked perfectly. I love having both options. Thank you! Your template is going to put me way ahead of my writing peers. Harrietinthecity‚ Matrix HTML TemplateHi! Your theme is awesome! Best of the Metro like desing WP themes! When the Wordpress version would be avalible? I’m the first buyer of this theme!!! xorpi‚ Matrix HTML TemplateMain Features

  • Responsive
  • ‘Live’ tiles
  • iframe video embedding ready – A link is all you need to embed it
  • Ability to define video aspect ratio – No ugly black borders for any video
  • Supports major post formats
    • Gallery
    • Link
    • Audio
    • Video
    • Quote
  • 4 different tiles for archives
    • List – currently used in the live preview
    • Large
    • Medium
    • Small
  • AJAX pagination at main page – Can be disabled
  • More than 25 shortcodes – All inserted as buttons / dropdown in post editor
  • Unlimited slider
  • Unlimited layout options
  • High customizability
  • Advanced admin panel – See below for more information
  • Automatic update notification
  • Working Contact form with jQuery validator
  • Detailed documentation
  • 10 default colours
  • Unlimited colour settings
  • 10 default social icons
  • FlexSlider 2 ready
  • Custom Twitter widget – uses API V1.1
  • Coded using valid HTML5 and CSS3
  • SEO optimized
  • Localization ready – Comes with .po / .mo files

Theme OptionsWith each option well-organized into its respective tabs‚ you can easily find and edit certain elements of the website. Besides‚ modifying the look of your website is now made simpler thanks to the availability of colour picker‚ easy-image-uploading and slide order sorter.Theme Options BackupNo matter how ‘effortlessly’ you can set up your theme‚ you wouldn’t want to repeat the whole process if there is any problem with your website. Hence‚ you can now backup all your theme settings and save it somewhere for future use‚ either to a sister-site‚ or to restore your settings in case of accidents.Unlimited SliderYou can add any number of images to the slider and sort them in any order you like. This does not only apply to slider images‚ but also the testimonials and people shown at the ‘About’ page‚ as well as the bottom content at the main page.Automatic Update NotificationMaintaining a website is already a tedious chore. Hence‚ you have one thing less to worry if you use this theme – the theme will automatically notify you when there is an update available. It’s not a revolutionary feature‚ but it’s definitely convenient!Post EditorWith every settings visualized and placed into different meta boxes‚ you can easily customize everything for the post. Certain options will only be shown when required depending on post format and your settings‚ so you can never do wrong in setting up your posts!ShortcodesThis is not a memory test‚ so you shouldn’t memorize anything. Hence‚ all the shortcodes have been converted into convenient buttons / dropdowns and you can apply them with a single click. Game-changer? No. Handy? Absolutely!Upcoming Features

  • New languages
  • WooCommerce compatibility <- Near complete

I am hoping to get some different languages if you have translated it to your language. I’m also willing to accept more suggestions from you.Changelog13/05/2014Release of V1.5.4Removed support for WordPress 3.4 and older versionsfunctions.php-- Fixed bug of Matrix Latest Posts where only 'Posts' are shown in single posts-- Fixed a bug of other post types not shown in categories / tags pages (under function query_post_type)-- Fixed TinyMCE dropdown missing in WP3.9 problemarchive-list.php-- Fixed an issue where the archive list image might not display under certain conditionsstyle.css-- .mainpage modified to fix homepage toggle jump issuescripts/customcodes-mce4.js-- To fix TinyMCE dropdown missing in WP3.9 problem12/08/2013Release of V1.5.1/admin/assets/js/smof.js-- Fixed a bug with adding person in Theme Options11/08/2013Release of V1.5NEW for WP 3.5 and above :archive.php‚author.php‚category.php‚footer.php‚header.php‚index.php‚search.php‚tag.php‚template-about.php‚template-contact.php-- Changed $data to $smof_datajquery.fancybox-1.3.4.js-- Fixed possible lightbox problem when opening for second time/admin/-- Updated Theme Options admin panelfunctions.php-- Uses new Media Uploader in Post Editorheader.php‚ /admin/functions/functions.options.php-- Added more settings for logo and site name in Theme OptionsFor all versions :index.php-- No 'foreach' error when there is no slidesstyle.css-- Fixed table width not showing at 100% problem-- Fixed Facebook 'Like' button not showing up problemheader.php-- Fixed viewport meta syntaxcontent-tile.php-- Default to 'small' when new posts are imported04/03/2013Release of V1.3.2functions.php‚ style.css-- Upgraded Twitter Widget to use API Version 1.125/02/2013Release of V1.3.1functions.php (Light Version)-- Fixed a bug which will crash the website21/02/2013Release of V1.3New Features :style.css-- Added 3rd level drop-down menu-- Added styling for new widgetfunctions.php-- New 'Random Posts' widgetFixes :-style.css---- Fixed about page excerpt size on small screen---- Fixed author page font size problem---- Fixed wrong fonts appearing on Mac---- Fixed lightbox problem in search.php---- Added blockquote tag support in post content-functions.php---- Accordion‚ Table‚ Tabs shortcode fix---- Edited pagination size---- Fixed errors when adding / editing posts---- Fixed some bugs in search pagination-index.php---- Fixed errors when there is no slider / featured content at homepage-search.php---- Fixed some bugs in pagination-scripts/javascript.js---- Changed Facebook like count retrieval method-archive-small.php‚ archive-medium.php‚ archive-large.php---- Fixed bugs causing tiles not to link to lightbox / destination link properly16/11/2012Release of V1.1.2-update_notifier.php---- Fixed 'Undefined' error (both versions)---- Fixed 'Insufficient Permission' bug (light version)-index.php---- Lower toggle will now disappear when there is no featured content15/11/2012Release of V1.1New Feature : Light ThemeNew Feature : New social media iconsNew Feature : German language .po/.mo - Thanks to Holger Kelm for translation!File Changes :-scripts/javascript.js---- Fixed FB incorrect count---- Fixed archives masonry width-functions.php---- Fixed matrix_slider order problem---- Load translation fix-archive-large.php-archive-list.php-archive-medium.php---- Date now show according to checkbox-style.css---- Made lightbox to be more compatible---- Fixed menu cut-off---- Fixed video poster image gap-social-bartender---- Added YouTube and G+18/10/2012Release of V1.0Known LimitationsDue to certain browsers’ incompatibility‚ there are some minor features altered in these browsers :

  • IE8 / IE9 – Like and Tweet buttons in single item page are made shown permanently without hovering
  • IE8 / IE9 – No transition effects on hover
  • IE8 – Tile fading effect on hover has been disabled
  • Safari 5 for Windows – Flipping tiles might flicker on hover. The fix to the problem is mentioned in the documentation
  • AJAX Pagination has been disabled in IE8 and self-hosted audio / video will not work when using this feature.
  • CreditsThanks to all these great individuals :

    • Preview theme dark version background image by bulliver
    • Preview theme light version background image by Charles Henry
    • Preview theme tile images by Mads Berg
    • Preview theme about page image by || UggBoy?UggGirl || PHOTO || WORLD || TRAVEL ||
    • Preview theme about page images by mac_filko
    • Preview theme contact page image by Rev Dan Catt
    • Icons by dakirby309
    • Icons at windowswiki.info
    • Tutorials at net tuts+
    • Tutorials at CSS Tricks
    • Community at Stack Overflow
    • Social Bartender plugin by Sawyer Hollenshead
    • Update notification script at wplift
    • SMOF by sy4mil
    • css3-mediaqueries by Wouter van der Graaf
    • hoverintent by Brian Cherne
    • jquery.easing by George Smith
    • jquery.fancybox by Janis Skarnelis
    • FlexSlider by WooThemes
    • jPlayer by Mark J Panaghiston
    • jquery.validate by Jörn Zaefferer
    • jquery.masonry by David DeSandro
    • MetroJs by Drew Greenwell

    Once again‚ thanks for checking out this theme. I hope you like it and I appreciate any feedback regarding this theme‚ even if it is a criticism

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