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Provocateur was created to stay out of the crowd! Design is absolutely unique and modern. Template was beautifully coded to maximize compatibility with all modern browsers: Firefox 3-6‚ Safari 3-5‚ Opera 9.5-11.5 and certainly IE7 -9‚ also optimized for wieving on iPhone 4‚ iPad 1-2. PSD with all sliced and saved in each separate file elements included!It comes in 5 colors: red original scheme and 4 additional schemes: orange‚ magenta‚ turquoise and violet. Read the documentation to set your own colors. Features

  • Unique Design And Functionality
  • 2 Home Pages‚ Portfolio And Gallery Pages‚ 2 Blog Templates
  • 5 Color Schemes
  • Twitter & Flickr Widgets
  • Contact Form With Validation
  • ImgCenter plugin for using absolutely different image size proportions in blog
  • Lightbox plugin for images and video
  • Preloader for all images

Version changelog:v.1.0. 06.10.2011:- initial releaseDear buyer! If you like this item‚ rate it‚ please!

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